The Math of Stress

The Math of Stress

There are three variables to stress, illustrated by this equation: A + B = C. A is the Stressor. B is your attitude, belief or emotion related to your circumstances. And C is the resulting stress. Change the variables and you change your stress level.

Many of the “A’s” we can do little about: an angry boss, traffic, deadlines, etc. Yes, there are choices we can make to improve these areas, and there are skills we can learn (organization,
time management, eliminating procrastination) that can affect “A-team.”

However, the “B’s” are much more in our control. Two keys to changing the “B’s” are learning the skills of instant relaxation and emotional regulation skills.

When was the last time you were completely relaxed? For some of us, it’s been way too long. The next question is: can you duplicate that relaxation instantly in the middle of an attack from the A-team?

Next, have you mastered your emotional response to the A-team? Again, this is a skill that can be learned and practiced. The time to develop these skills is not in the “heat of battle.” The time is now! When you learn these skills and practice them throughout your day, they’ll be ready weapons in the fight against both acute and chronic stress.

Change A

  • Spiders stress you? Stay away from spiders.
  • Traffic? Leave home earlier.
  • Hate deadlines? Finish earlier.

Change B

Change the way you view your world. Learn to see things differently. Change your attitude and belief system. More important still – change your emotional response. Learn how to relax your body and quiet your mind. Learn how to turn off the stress response.

  • Perception
  • Belief
  • Emotional Response

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